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re: re: [sharechat] ports

From: Mike Hudson <>
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 11:52:02 +1300

Tennyson wrote

"Total trade in TEU (tonne equivalent units) was up 5% last year. 

Made up of: Coal Trade +30%, Imported Vehicles +22%, Container trade up 9%,
Bulk Fuel up 7%. I note that since all of those figures are greater than the
average increase of 5% some part of the trade must have increased less than
5% to make up the 5% average increase. I wonder what that was? Could it be
that 'conventional' cargo has reduced dramatically? Even apples are going
out in containers there days."

I think the discrepancy may have arisen over the acronym "TEU" I understand
that it stands for "Twenty foot Equivalent Unit " which is the standard for
measuring container movements. There has been a swing away from 20' (1 TEU)
to 40' containers (2 TEUs) in the last few years; in Nelson's case 20'
containers accounted for 90% of movements in 92/93 but less than 50% by
99/00. There has also been the introduction of even larger units (48" I
think) in the last couple of years. 

What this means of course is that ships are tending to get bigger and
require deeper draught, longer wharves and bigger cranes. More factors to
take into account.

Mike H


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