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[sharechat] Wadda ya recon Hugh??

From: "Geoff Ewert" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 10:52:38 +1300

Hi.. Hugh .
"Some days you are the bug, some days you are the windshield".
ZEN ??(Roy)

>From Changewave today,the following:
> Don't let this happen to you...
> Every time technology stocks hit a rough patch, scaredy-cat
> investors run and hide...only to kick themselves a few months later
> when they miss out on the next wave of huge, unstoppable profits.
> I see it happening again right now.  Everyone, everywhere is
> proclaiming the end of the PC...the death of tech-behemoth
> Intel...and the beginnings of a technology stock bear market.  And
> Wall Street--in typical knee-jerk fashion--is dumping the stocks as
> fast as they possibly can.  It happened around this same time last
> year.  And the year before that, too.  In fact, it happens almost
> every single year.
> But those of us who've been around awhile--and unlike most of the
> Johnny-come-latelies you hear blathering on CNBC, I've been
> analyzing technology stocks for 30 long years--know that this
> industry is very cyclical.  Late summer and early fall are all about
> buying technology stocks on the cheap, while January and February
> are about selling them very, very high.  This year is absolutely no
> different.
> Almost every company I talk to says business is good, orders are
> ahead of schedule, European demand is unusually strong (despite the
> weak euro), and they are bullish on the outlook for the rest of the
> year and into 2001.  And that means it's just a matter of time--most
> likely weeks--before everyone and their uncle starts the mad dash to
> pile as much money as they can into the tech sector, before it once
> again breaks out to new heights.
> But don't be fooled--there will be lots of disappointed investors. 
> You see, most people will be too slow to figure out what's really
> going on, and they will inevitably jump back in at the wrong time,
> missing most of the next run-up.  Don't let that happen to you. Wall
> Street is handing us an especially great opportunity right now to
> buy the dominant industry leaders at absolute rock-bottom, fire-sale
> prices.  Take advantage of it.
> My Technology Investing readers and I did exactly that last
> fall--and we raked in 157% profits for the year.  You can bet your
> bottom we're doing the same thing again this year.  YOU SHOULD TOO. 
> I urge you: If you do nothing else after reading this, run out and
> get yourself fully invested in technology stocks right now--today. 
> This time around you'll be kicking your profits all the way to the
> bank!
> Sincerely,
> Michael Murphy
cheers G

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