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Re: [sharechat] US Tech stock experience

From: "Rob Henderson" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 17:03:29 +1200

Moose - have had a similar experience with US Nasdaq Silicon Storage
Technology (SSTI) who just announced record earnings and exceeded quarterly
earnings estimates by about 95% with other astounding figures (including
forward earnings numbers) to match and have now during the past week been
marked down by about 40% in value!

SSTI story -

Manufacture Flash memory (and licence patented technology) a critical
component in short supply for amongst other uses portable internet devices
and MP3 players - (note only 2% of sales are for cell phones and so have
been unfairly hit due to the Nokia announcement and also by the general and
misguided negative analyst sentiment regarding semiconductor stocks)

Current p/e about 50 and forward p/e based on year end 2001 earnings of
about 13 -

3/1 forward stock split pending in a couple of weeks on float of only 11m
shares -

Its an impressive story if anyone cares to check it out - fire sale lasts a
day or two more (maybe longer if the Nasdaq declines further!) -

Disclosure - I got plenty and am still buying!

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