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Re: [sharechat] Jabba the Hut et. al.

From: "graham perkins" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 23:09:11 GMT


I do agree New Zealand is becoming more unattractive by the day.  When the 
government gives 19 million to moari to stop smoking and nothing for any 
other race, and then declares it wants to get 40 % of New Zealanders 
speaking moari ( jibberish ) I really do wodner where they are taking this 

Wouldn't it be more beneficail to teach Japansese, German or French as a 
second language.

This government is all about the socail bludger,  At the begining of the 
year I was out of work and decided I would start a small bissness of my own. 
I was willing to outlay personal capital but would have liked to receive a 
weekly supplement until I was able to surport myself.  No they said you will 
have to stand down for 46 weeks ( I think ) and go on the dole.  That is a 
pathetic offer the government would have rather paid me money to sit around 
home and do nothing, rather than to start a business which would have 
created instant employment for myself and 2 others! I walked out dissgusted

With socail policies like this and the government folding to moari and 
immigrants I think New Zealand is on the way down.  If things don't look up 
I may join you in the tide of X pats.  Lucky me Mum was born in England ;-)


>From: RIL <>
>Subject: [sharechat] Jabba the Hut et. al.
>Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 17:33:51 +0100 (BST)
>Every time I get a paper up here you guys look more
>and more like a third world colony.
>So it comes as no surprise that the latest appointee
>to the red cause makes Jabba the Hut look anorexic. We
>now know where most of Restaurant Brand's profits have
>come from. It must be of considerable concern to
>investors the the appointee in question has joined
>weight-watchers. Bail!
>Moving right along:
>Commsoft - this is a good stock and I think it will do
>well. Unfortunately it is only listing on ASX so it
>may be hard for NZ punters to get a look in. It will
>do well if the current sky high technology stock
>valuations continue.
>The unusual SMR buyback strategy makes little
>immediate sense unless SMR is short of cash. But then
>why buy back shares?
>Now an NZ export trade story for your edification. A
>friend was looking into an export opportunity out of
>NZ to the first world (UK). He rang the Tradenz
>organisation for some information on tariffs and trade
>assistance. Answer: no assistance and we'll send you
>an invoice for the information if you want it although
>it will take time as we don't have a database on this
>Thank you very much but no thanks he said and rang the
>Aussie equivalent Austrade. More than happy to assist
>they said and we will give you the information free
>and up to $200,000 assistance including recon. trips
>So now Aussie has a new exporter and a few more jobs
>with more to come.
>Don't you Kiwis understand you are the most
>disadvantaged player in international trade to begin
>with and you still knee-cap your exporters.
>Oh well, hay if I'm a Maori and I want to stop smoking
>I get $19 million.
>Watching your national decline with interest from
>Kind Regards
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