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[sharechat] No apologies - just an AQL investor

From: "David Thompson" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 20:17:13 NZDT

Gawd, I can't believe how we have all been intimidated into not wanting to 
talk about AQL just in case someone would jump on us. There are lots of AQL 
investors on Sharechat and the sharing of information is necessary and very 
beneficial for all of us, and for those not having any AQL shares and not 
intending to get any, DO NOT click into the posting - simple as that!!!
I just wanted to say that I am personally glad the Commsoft possibility is 
no longer a happening thing for AQL as I don't believe it is 'big' enough to 
generate sufficient market interest. I would support the theory expounded by 
Bruce Mackay of DF Mainland that the AQL shell would be 'reverse' taken over 
by Eric Watson's Blue Star
Solutions Group - comprising Wang, Cogent, Hart Candy, Ubix, BSF Finance and 
Auldhouse. If grouped together collectively (and listed on the NZSE), Blue 
Star Solutions would be a powerful B2B force as it has the complete range of 
There was mention of the Venice portal on Sharechat tonight which Ben Dutton 
correctly pointed out was developed by Advantage but as a business, has been 
taken out of ADV since with no permanent abode as yet. So maybe speculation 
on that aspect by some Sharechat readers wasn't totally unwarranted. By the 
way, Wang also has its own e-procurement portal which makes it quite a 
desirable asset to list on the NZSE.
No apologies, just my thoughts.

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