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[sharechat] Eliminating James' AQL confusion

From: "simon dallimore" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 17:49:18 NZDT

Be confused no more. If you delve into the AQL shareholders document 
recently sent to you, you will see the following paragraph which explains 
why AQL intends to sell its Bliss shareholding.

"Although the Aquaria 21 directors believe that Bliss will be a very
successful aquarium operator, they do not see any long-term benefit in being 
a holder of a minority interest. They believe there are many opportunities 
in the current business environment to which shareholders' funds can be put 
to better use."

In another section, we read:

"The directors consider there are a number of business opportunities
currently available that can offer potentially greater returns. They intend 
to investigate these and bring a proposal for shareholders to consider as 
soon as practically possible."

So I hope the situation is a little bit clearer now.

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