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Re: [sharechat] ebo

From: Nigel McCarter <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 21:17:43 +1300

Hi Chris and other ebo followers
I've just logged on (9 pm Monday - I'm working away from home)and read both
the first and second posts from Chris re Ebos.
Its not very often my picks go up so fast but for what it's worth ..

In your first post you mentioned ebos being hyped by brokers.  I don't know
how many brokers follow ebos, but it is quite possible for established
firms to get it right from time to time. (:-)
The main pluses about Ebos are:
- it is in a market (health) that is likely to grow
- It is expanding successfully into Australia. The successful part is
important, Michael Hill also shares this feature.  Many NZ companies cross
the water and find the going difficult, e.g. Nuplex, PDL
- Ebos has been growing very consistently for the last few years.

With regard to what I think (hope)  will happen.  I think that growth will
continue reltively slowly and unspectacularly compared with ITC and AQL and
the like, but with significantly less risk.

With regard to your other questions, I bought first in 1995 for about $2.20
from memory, and sold when the price reached about $5.50 because I figured
the PS and PE were too high and the growth couldn't continue.  it didn't,
so the share price fell, so I bought back in again after the share split at
$3.14 last November. 

So yes, including divedends I have trebled the investment which makes a
very pleasant change.

Can it happen again? Yes why not? From all the information available here
is a well run company which is returning excellant profit, in a 'secure'
market, by all accounts well managed and earning real money....

Peter whatisnameonwallstreet writes that the average investor has only to
find one or three plus bagger to beat market by a handsome margin.  Ebos
fits that category.

Michael Hill is a similar company.  MHI have announced four more stores in
Aus and the market isn't saturated yet.  though I suspect the profitability
will decrease with time.



At 11:06 27/02/00 +1300, you wrote:
>That one has been hyped up in price quite enough already by those that own
>them inc brokers (ord minnett)
>How many times do you think it can double its price
>What price did you pay and what volume
>Is the profit sustainable or coming from selloffs

Nigel McCarter
Shorten the Odds

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