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[sharechat] "Bliss" acquisition of AQL

From: "Osbert Sun" <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 21:19:31 +1300

I purchased a parcel of AQL two weeks ago at 17.8c, and topped up twice at 20c last week (thus the concern of selling pressure at that level). AQL is over-weighted in my portfolio at the present. I enjoyed reading Frank's comments on AQL and found them very insightful. The shareholders' meeting on 28th Feburary will certainly be an interesting event. Wish I could be there! Certainly it's a comfort to see that both AQL, along with SVY, has held up well so far.
I also have a taste for HGD and hold a similar-sized parcel as AQL. Though the share price of HGD has come down a lot after my purchase, the volume traded was very thin. I guess that some buying interests will start developing towards end of the week pushing the price up again (I hope). I read the announcement made by HGD last Friday that it is also pursuing other IT-related investment opportunities. So the E-Analyst may likely end up with more than just E-cademy. Any comments on the HGD front?
Osbert Sun

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