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Re: [sharechat] ITC in US

From: Jeff Lawton <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 13:23:55 -0800 (PST)

One key for US investors (I am one) is ITC's
relationship with the venture capital firm Cross
Atlantic Partners.  The key principals with Cross
Atlantic are former venture capital executives with
SafeGuard Industries, a well-respected firm with 30
years experience.  SafeGuard launched a number of
successful technology firms such as Novell before
creating the highly successful internet venture
capital firm Internet Capital Group (ICG on the

I believe Cross Atlantic will be instrumental in
bringing New Zealand technology the valuations it
deserves and cannot find on the Australasian exchanges
(at least not in the current climate) by bringing them
public on the NASDAQ, in which not only US citizens
but nationals of all nations actively participate.

There is also a god possibility that shares on the
Australia exchnage will soon be listed on the NASDAQ
-- and vice versa.  This will make ITC much more
accessible to NASDAQ traders.  At present, this is a
difficult share to buy for us..the commissions are
higher and many brokers are unfamiliar with the
symbol.  Tardes take a long while to be executed, so
we certainly are not day trading this!  Most US
investors I have spoken with are long-term bullish, as
I am.  I've been buying at prices from .28 to .50 US,
but most recently at .43 US.

- Jeff


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