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Re: [sharechat] Re: Bubble wipped off

From: "ritchie marr" <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 03:26:30 PST

The only thing I have concluded that is consistent in the NZSE, is it's 
frustrating capacity to do the exact opposite to what you think it will/ 
should do. As the saying goes "the only thing consistent is how inconsistent 
it is".

I have therefore thought about what I think will happen and here is the 
exact opposite as my entry into the competition. NGL 48c.
ITC 92c.
Keep up the great debates, and great ideas like these (picks). Here's 
another idea......What about starting a weekly submission on who and why you 
think the best top 5 performers in terms of share rises will be for the week 
coming, for those of us who are trading.
And for the value/ long term investors an analysis of the end of day data 
from each Friday regarding what you feel are the best 5 picks from perhaps 
thrashed stocks and why.
I will start the ball rolling tomorrow.

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