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[sharechat] Virus in message from Vincent Wang, DNS problems with the site

From: Will Bryant <>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 19:56:17 +1300

The attachment 'Happy99.exe' in the message from Vincent Wang regarding 
Telstra is a virus.  Do not open it (or, in general, any other executables 
emailed to you).

Also, the move by our ISP today has not gone as smoothly as hoped, and so 
some of you will also be having problems accessing the website or posting 
to the forum (or sending mail to us at sharechat).  We sincerely apologise 
for the interruption and are working to resolve the situation as soon as 

Will Bryant,                    cell +64 21 655 443    Personal:
ShareChat Ltd. technical manager  
[PGP 0x96A7F40A, FP 827F A2A9 C718 106D 8F80  E16E A244 D5F2 96A7 F40A]

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