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[sharechat] AQL

From: Chris Darby <>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 22:11:52 +1300

I recall reading in Asia Businessweek 2 months ago an article on the 
flood of theme parks that have opened up, failed and closed in China.  I 
am not convinced that the AQL fishy version of a theme park will fare any 

Sure it is a huge and growing economy but let's not underestimate the 
number of local and foreign players searching for profits.  Corruption 
continues to be rife and a good number of notable companies have made 
over generous forecasts of returns.  eg our very own LNN.

Further, I am deeply suspicious of Watson's involvement with good mate 
Wikely.  And where is the cash to develop the proposed Korean project 
coming from?  Why was the convertible note issue suspended well short of 
target? NO INTEREST  

For upside, maybe there is something in the Oceanis merger.  There would 
have to be.



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