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Re: [sharechat] comments from David McEwen

From: Phil Williams <>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 11:20:17 +1200

Kevin -

I think David's advice is just that - advice.
It's one way to play the game.
In this case his personal investing guidelines (5-7 shares long term) are at 
odds with his business as a market commentator. Obviously, he will continue to 
recommend shares as BUY options, more than 5-7 times every 3 years.. :)

Also, in the summary he explains that he feels this way because he's averse to 
widley diversified "bitsy" approaches...
A core portfolio of that many strong performing mid-to-long term stocks is 
better than 20 odd, some of which will surely be losing.

Obviously, if your core were performing as well as his "Index", but you enjoy 
making more trades, some additional investment in short term sidelines would be 
a useful addition to scratch the itch.
Not a very Buffet approach, but then, I'm no pro..  :)

Phil Williams
Animation Design
Hyperactive New Media

ph +64 4 8019550
fx +64 4 8019560

Kelvin Worsfold wrote:

> Maybe I'm missing something, slow? don't understand? This is where I am
> coming from,
> ----David , you should only have 5-7 shares in your portfolio if you want to
> outperform the index.------------------------------------233 Buy
> recommendations in the year to July 21,(outstanding result outperform index
> by 256%)
>     Brien----would that also require selling when they get posted as a sell.
> David-----my recommendations are for a minimum of three years generally so
> there are not many shares I have tipped as a buy that have since rated a
> sell.
>  Taking nothing away from your 256% how is this possible with your holding
> of only 5-7 stocks let alone buying any new issues and holding your stocks
> usually for 3 years, what part am I missing. Interested  in any comments
> .----------------------------------------------------
> ou get education by reading the fine print ......
>                            and experience by not reading it.
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