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[sharechat] comments from David McEwen

From: "Kelvin Worsfold" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 11:41:43 +1200

Maybe I'm missing something, slow? don't understand? This is where I am
coming from,
----David , you should only have 5-7 shares in your portfolio if you want to
outperform the index.------------------------------------233 Buy
recommendations in the year to July 21,(outstanding result outperform index
by 256%)
    Brien----would that also require selling when they get posted as a sell.
David-----my recommendations are for a minimum of three years generally so
there are not many shares I have tipped as a buy that have since rated a
 Taking nothing away from your 256% how is this possible with your holding
of only 5-7 stocks let alone buying any new issues and holding your stocks
usually for 3 years, what part am I missing. Interested  in any comments

ou get education by reading the fine print ......
                           and experience by not reading it.

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