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GO Learn Shares CD-ROM

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Sharemarket Education Courses

The GO Learn Shares courses are relevant to all beginner, intermediate and investors or investors who would like to understand the basics of topics such as short term technical trading and risk management. Go Learn created these courses to be practical and straight forward so that you can quickly understand each concept. Their hope is that you will work through each course and then be in a better position to seek out further information or advice as you look towards making your investment decisions. GO Learn Shares is a great set of courses for everyone, from experienced long term investors, right through to your teenage children.

The Series One CD-ROM has been designed to help beginner and intermediate investors understand the basics of the share market and investing techniques. It starts very simply with the absolute basics and then moves on to cover some simple investment and analysis methods.

The Series Two CD-ROM has been designed to build on the knowledge that was presented in the first series, and is a valuable tool for investors who want to learn more about using charts, simple risk management and the fundamentals of growth investing.

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Each CD-ROM has over five hours of learning material in total and contain the following courses:

Series One CD-ROM

  • Orientation
    View the preview of the orientation here
  • Investing in the sharemarket
    View the preview of this course here
  • Fundamental investing
    View the preview of this course here
  • Value Investing
    View the preview of this course here
  • Technical Trading
    View the preview of this course here
  • Risk Management
    View the preview of this course here

Series Two CD-ROM

  • Growth Investing
    View the preview of this course here
  • Market and Economic Cycles
    View the preview of this course here
  • Using Charts
    View the preview of this course here
  • Trend, Support and Resistance
    View the preview of this course here
  • Charting Patterns
    View the preview of this course here

Both CD-ROMs are fully interactive and you can navigate between the various sections quickly and easily. Investment plans are included in each CD-ROM.

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"GO Learn Shares taught me that I didn't know everything I should know about the sharemarket. Using the courses has been a valuable learning experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to the beginner or advanced investor. It's money spent that will pay countless dividends in the future."

Ben Dutton
ShareChat Publisher

"Thanks Go-Learn Shares for an excellent interactive learning experience. I have been interested in share trading for many years and have read many books on the topic, but your holistic common sense approach really put things in perspective for me. I particularly liked the section on Managing Risk. Knowing and implementing the strategies for preserving my 'hard earned' to control risk really allayed a lot of my fears. Because I now understand the concepts, I have significantly more confidence in my own abilities, and am sure I will progress faster with more safety. Thanks for that. I would like to commend your excellent product and also recommend it to anyone seeking the BIG PICTURE in share trading."

Graeme Thomson
Brisbane, Australia

"After spending six hours of interactive study on your new Go Learn Shares program I discovered a greater understanding of the basic fundamentals of share trading.

For beginners like myself, to have an information package available like this at ground level it provides an easy entry into the world of share trading.

I found the program easy to follow and understand and with the interactive ability made it a fun learning experience.

I intend to keep the program for quick reference as it has now given me the confidence and ability to go the next level. Thanks for a great package and I look forward to the next step in Go Learn Shares."

Harvey Lee
Taupo NZ