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[sharechat] Nukes, Psychology and Gold

From: "Lazy Haggis" <>
Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2004 17:39:48 +0000

To Allan Potty: Wait until North Korea attacks the US (if they do) and then 
see what happens to them. There are big nukes and little nukes, and they all 
serve a purpose. You'll get another chance to see their effect in the Middle 
East. Be patient. Then there will be plenty more to come later.

To Capitalist: I doubt your famous American psychologist is famous any more. 
There are several possible answers. Perhaps you need to join Mensa to 
understand. The more obvious answer was neither of the two you presented, 
but then that must mean .....

Getting back on the logical track, the US are openly referring to the clash 
between the East and the West, Christian versus Muslim, peaceful freedom 
loving people versus terrorists, or any other way you wish to describe our 
troubled world, as the beginning of World War III. You can come up with any 
diversion you wish, but the US intend to take control of the oil supplies in 
the Middle East, which will eventually lead to a nuclear showdown with 
China. If you don't believe that the US are trying to force spread democracy 
around the world, control the oil, and be the only nuclear superpower, then 
yes, we'll all soon be at peace. Good thinking.

If you're not interested in gold bullion or gold stocks, then perhaps try 
some quality oil stocks, or with a pinch of salt (for flavour) you could try 
MacDunk's baked beans.

Don't take 1104 to necessarily mean November 2004. Once again there are 
several possible answers. Change the colour of your hat. Hello, what's that, 
a flash of light? Gosh, I can see pictures behind me.

Lazy Haggis
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