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[sharechat] JUMBO MUMBO

From: "Allan Potts" <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 21:00:41 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Jumbo Mumbo aka Lazy Haggis,

Nukes are just plain too powerful to be used effectively today, except if 
you've already been attacked by another country using them.

Ex this scenario, where could you use them??  Whole cities could be totally 
taken out with one bomb and I can't think of a city anywhere where the US would 
do such a thing.

There is no need to contact the US military about alternate means.  They not 
only have the smart bombs that they can put down your chimney, but the daisy 
cutter, which is awesome and an even more lethal weapon than that, the name of 
which escapes me, but can take out several blocks in a city at once.

Using a nuke today ex being attacked by another country with many in their 
arsenal would be equivalent to burning you house down to get rid of the fleas 
in your living room rug.

Consider this  please. North Korea has already admitted to having 3 nukes and 
missiles that can reach either shore of the US.  Their leader is more than a 
little wacky and love's to send missiles flying over Japan to land in the ocean 
on the other side (just for fun you know)  Have you noticed that he hasn't been 
nuked.  If there ever was a case for such an unthinkable thing it would be 
North Korea, but don't put any money on it.

I think you are obsessed with the idea of nukes, perhaps it was something in 
your childhood experience or is that where you got your self revealed nickname 
Mumbo Jumbo????????

Have a cold one mate and don't worry about nukes you'll ruin your weekend.


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