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[sharechat] PNA Share Price Explosive.

From: "Lazy Haggis" <>
Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2004 18:38:52 +0000

Look at the facts. A never ending series of good positive fundamental 
announcements, the latest being only yesterday. Positive growth fundamental 
analysis provided by resident ozestock board guru SCD. More and more 
stockbrokers recommending PNA as a buy. Even better fundamentals expected in 
the future. Technically the stock looks sound and preparing to launch 
through the 18 cent barrier once gold re-confirms it's upward momentum.

Right now PNA, as well as many other quality upcoming juniors (PNA's my 
favourite) are all poised on tenterhooks awaiting the outcome for the US 
economy, the US dollar and the big one, what will the terrorists do next, 
how and where?

It's obvious the terrorists could easily attack Western interests by blowing 
up the oil infrastructure in the Middle East and other key installations 
around the world. This could easily be implemented today, and would 
definitely cause major global financial disruptions, stockmarket crashes, 
and gold to soar, but this is not what the terrorists are about at the 
moment. Their current plan is to destroy lives first, Western lives, and in 
particular US lives, and preferably by the thousands. The terrorists have no 
choice but to try out biological weapons and/or nuclear "dirty bombs" - 
that's common knowledge. That's what the terrorists are planning today. 
Tomorrow it will be oil attacks.

This unfortunate pending gloomy scenario will leave the US no option at some 
time in the future to initially takeout threats in the Middle East by 
nuclear means. This whole traumatic process will make the price of oil and 
gold bullion soar, along with quality mining stocks such as PNA. Yes, the 
price of water and baked beans may soar as well. You don't need to be too 
much of a rocket scientist to deduce that.

It's not difficult to visualise PNA's (and other quality juniors) share 
price exploding in the near future. The great gold guru James Sinclair 
believes that gold will head North by August 2004, and in my opinion, which 
is in part based on a very strong instinctive feel, there's something 
significant about 1104. Perhaps there's more details in the book of 
prophecies by Nostradamus.

Lazy Haggis,
The Mumbo Jumbo Filter.

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