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[sharechat] SHRED YOUR PSYCHE???

From: "Allan Potts" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 22:51:48 -0400 (EDT)


Why on earth would anyone want to shred your psyche -- especially someone with 
only cocktail napkin prowess in T/A.  Although my cocktail napkin did whisper 
in my ear that RBD was turning.

By the way what's a psyche?  It doesn't appear in my Wall Street Journal of 
financial terms, nor can I find it on any chart.  Maybe A. Greenspan will use 
it in his next seminar to the Congress, they  never have any idea what he's 
talking about anyway.  He truly is a suigeneris person, especialy when talking 
to the pols who don't have a clue,  well actually they don't have a hint.  
NOTE:   It takes 15 hints to make a clue.

And don't forget Cris, this is a family channel, so no talking dirty like that 


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