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Re: [sharechat] INL - Intec

From: "Cristine Kerr" <>
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 11:59:39 +1000

May be a good time to reconsider INL - Intec.
Summary of Recent:
1) Intec Demo Plant treating polymetallic taillings (NB polymetallic - numerous metals)
2) 17.2.04 - A$1.43m R&D Start Grant Approved for IGP Pilot Plant
3) 27.2.04 Half-year Accounts to 31 Dec 2003:
Revenue up 180% to $543,174
Net Loss down to (811,267)
NTA 0.9 cents
4) 2.3.04 Private Investor Issue - 15M @ 11c - $1.65M placement
5) Ivanhoe Mines - Still major shareholder with 54,141,586 shares
6) 9.3.04 Director Joseph Evans - sold 1M shares of shares held under HG Engineering on 4 March @ 11.5c - Still holds 2,600,000 in HG Engineering, 1,100,100 through nominee company as registered holder, and 298,034 unquoted employee options
7) 10.3.04 INL entered an agreement with Zeehan Zinc Limited to assess merits of (technical and economic feasibility of) Zeehan using Intec's new Hellyer Mill ($100M replacement value) to produce commercial quantities of zinc and lead concentrates - investigating the advantages of toll treatment of 200,000 tpa lead-zinc-silver - supplementary project work that would have no impact on Intec's tailings retreatment project - Hellyer Mill is centrally located for neighbouring project owners - Intec hopes to gain maximum value from recently acquired Hellyer Mill (over and above Intec's own Hellyer Metals Project) - Intec is also talking with other regional project owners (NB In same notice Intec advised it had commenced a review of the exploration potential of the tenement portfolio included with their acquisition, and it had initiated negotiations with third parties re intellectual property also acquired through the same Hellyer/Tasmania transaction.)
8) 22.3.04 Mr Richard Jenkins joined the Intec Board as a Sydney-based Non-Exec Director. Companies associated with Mr Jenkins are significant shareholders of Intec Mr Jenkins role is to maximize financial outcmes for all Intec shareholders. Mr Jenkins held the position of Exec Director of Macquarie Bank Limited (1986-2001), served on the Macquarie Bank Limited Executive Committee from 1993. He was then apppointed Head of Equities Group and subsequently co-headed Macquarie Investment Bank which was formed by the merger of the Equities and Corporate Finance Groups. Shareholding - personal x nil, Companies Associated - Shell Cove Investment Corporation Limited x 7,000,000 &  Kizoz Pty Ltd x 5,184,611 = 12,182,611.
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Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 6:19 PM
Subject: Re: [sharechat] AIR, FRE & INL

Sorry Tribeca. Just saw your post.
The way I view it (and it's just my personal opinion); the moment a share is sold at a certain price, that price immediately reflects its present value.
As an example; I held Intec (ASX-INL) for quite some time - lost and made money from them as they fluctuated but overall I've done well from INL.
Recently, INL was trading consistently around 12.5-13.5c - then INL decided to sell a large parcel to a private investor at 11c.
In addition, I was aware of a large number of INL shares soon to be released from escrow. Both of these factors concerned me.
First, as a long term INL investor, I must say I felt a little overlooked whilst reading about the sale of shares at 11c whilst simultaneously looking at my own 12c shares.
Second, why would anyone (staunch believer or not) hold a share bought at 12c when the company itself has decided to devalue it to 11c.
I sold my INL parcel and it appears to have been a wise move (for now).
Let me stress, there is nothing wrong with INL. It has the same profile as when it was trading at 12-14c and higher.
In fact, following recent news it is even better, and; I still have an unwavering belief in its future growth potential.
I am waiting for INL to regroup which I anticipate will take a while longer yet. When the signs are right, I am likely to venture in again.
NB This is just one individual investor's opinion.
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From: tribeca
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 12:33 PM
Subject: [sharechat] AIR and FRE

A few weeks ago, there was a large parcel of AIR shares sold at a
discount to the market price at the time, subsequently the share price
has dropped and hasn't really rallied above .42c.

Also a large parcel of FRE shares were sold in late Feb at a discount to
the then market price, since that time the market price hasn't rallied
above $2.15. 

I know the market has come back a bit in recent weeks, but do these
large transactions distort the market price / valuation of these
companies.  Is there a 'perceived' ceiling / cap on these shares in the
short / med future? 

FRE seems a good company but not sure how these events affect the share
price going forward.

Any advice would be appreciated as I am kind of new to equities.  Thanks

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