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RE: [sharechat] Mr BaaBaa Silver Reply Woody

From: "Woody deJong" <>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 00:04:30 +1000

I fail to see where I posted a challenge. I read into your reply a
condesending attitude towards my TA skills. If that was an erred
interpretation then I apologize. It is not my need nor my desire to seek
a 'Top Dog "position. I only gladly share my skills with those of this
forum, as others also do. It was not my intention to create an
acrimonious atmosphere, only to protect my credibility.
Not meaning to sound rude or over critical, I find your posts rather
overbearing, obfucative and too reportative.
But perhaps that is my problem, not yours. I am usually accused of being
too honest in my replies. My original reply was just to create a
scenario of a possible correction that I have read into the silver
market. Though I trade using TA signals, I enjoy finding fundamental
reasons for my TA indicators.
If in my attempts to level the playing field I have upset you in my
incorrect interpretation.  Then my humble appologies.


-----Original Message-----
[] On Behalf Of Baa Baa
Sent: Friday, March 26, 2004 8:17 PM
Subject: RE: [sharechat] Mr BaaBaa Silver


It is clear your skills are acute and your willingness to share is
however it is not your approval I seek, nor your system, moreover the 
opportunity to discuss a subject with like minds and occassionaly share 
views that might help others, and myself, to interpret more clearly

My response to you was as much in surprise at your reply was founded in 
tired and worn argument along fundamental lines which you have been at
to point out is not your interest or forte. I asked therefore whether
had a TA view? You choose to lambast me for it, and now challenge me to
losers game, of making predictions. I don't make price predictions, but
I do 
act on TA indicators -ergo I already posted I had sold 30% to lock in 
profits and hold the remainder in case the rise continues, or, intend to

vest the profit again on weakness.

Whatever, I'll live, and post again, and again, whether you like it or
I wish you all the best for your trading. I am not worthy of your reply,
acrimony and I wish for neither. You are still the top dog Woody, if
makes you feel better.

Bye for now,

>From: "Woody deJong" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: [sharechat] Mr BaaBaa Silver
>Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 19:08:24 +1000
>Mr Baa Baa
>I have been trading Gold and Silver for nearly 20 years now. The last
>with very high percentage winning trades. I usually only make 2 or
>trades per year, that earns me a considerable amount. If you look at
>past posts of mine you will notice that I bought Gold in 2003 @ 366 and
>sold @ 420 : Silver I bought @457 and Sold @720.
>I have been doing trades like this for several years now.
>             Following your longwinded and rather obfuscative
>of the trend direction pertaining to Silver, I answered with a
>cautionary reply.  You answered in a designed condescending air with a
>diatribe of supposed expert detail of my TA skills, knowledge and
>Mr BaaBaa you have no idea of how,what,or why I make my trading
>decisions pertaining to the precious metals. You have no inkling to how
>my system works nor will you ever. I put my credentials on the line
>months ago. It is very easy for you to come along several months later
>and avail us of your novel length ambiguous expertise in an already
>trending bull market. If you wish to impress the multitude with your
>glossocentric reports may I suggest you do so with a few actual
>predictions yourself?  A blind man and his dog could have made money
>from silvers bull run once it passed the 512 level.

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