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[sharechat] RBD

From: "winner69 ." <>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 06:36:12 +0000

Most of today's action in RBD seemed to be 1 trade of about 430,000 shares 
at 120 - Snoopy topping up ahead of the next sales announcement which must 
be due in the next week or two.?

Another nice clean chart Phaedrus.

Suppose one would conclude that RBD is still in a downtrend. Would you say 
that RBD has traded in a channel (trending down) from that high in early 
2003 to the present?

If you draw two parallel lines marking this channel and do a bit of 
visualising (I know you wouldn't do that as charts are not predictive) 
around what could happen when the latest sales release is made soon 2 
scenarios are apparent.

A good sales report saying that RBD is back on track and the priice soars -  
through both that resistance at 125 and through that down trend as well ... 
and blue sky ahead again

On the other hand if the sales report is disappointing the price will have 
again failed to break through the downtrend and head down to the bottom of 
that channel at about 95 - 100.

A bit of visualisation does no harm but when we look at the chart in a few 
weeks time i wonder which scenario will have been played out.

Was that you topping up today Snoopy ahead of a good sales result confirming 
that RBD is back on track?

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