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Re: [sharechat] Off-Topic - Macdunk

From: "Cristine Kerr" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 07:35:40 +1000

Also, a very touching story.
Thank you Macdunk.
I am continually impressed by the people who contribute to this forum,
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Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 7:20 AM
Subject: [sharechat] wri whats up

Definitely not the share price, which was obvious to me when I got out at $1.30 well over a year ago.
Compared to other farming stocks wri are not so hot.         PGG despite all the doom and gloom showed a 8.3pc Increase In profit to dec 2003, against wri who showed a massive drop during the same period.
Whats up Is easy to explain, wri Is run by a bloody chemist that's whats up.             Continues to pour share holders money down the drain In research, continues to lose money In Australia hand over fist.  
If they had stayed on their own turf, stuck to the knitting, been run by a business practical person that understood farming, then perhaps they to might have shown a profit Increase.  

Happy story for woody
                                        Sorry to hear your about your impoverished background.  I travelled In India and encountered this poor man digging a ditch for three bowls of rice a day.          He told me he worked seven days a week dawn to dark and slept In this bloody ditch at night.    If he stopped work he would starve to death.   He seemed to think that If he had ten pounds he would be rich and set up business In the nearest city.
I bought him a feed had him cleaned up stuck ten pounds In his hand and made him promise that every time he prayed to his god he would ask him to look down and smile at me.    His god Is a good un for sure.

                                             cheers macdunk


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