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Re: Re: [sharechat] My troubled portfolio......

From: "Ian Andrews" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 22:00:27 +1300

Dont discard this option:
To make big money in the stock market ( or any market ) you have to be prepared to wait long enough to catch  the very BIG fish. But don't keep baiting the hook every day to feed the sprats. That's wasted money if the fish you want are not in the water.  Most people feel as though they HAVE to be trading every day or week; when a supertrade say every 5 years for 15 years would make them wealthy while leaving them with plenty of spare time & a happier disposition.  
Do most people say the stock market is a licence to print money?  Keep your money  in your pocket.
Do most people ridicule the stockmarket & has it been flatlining for a year or so? Identify the 10 or 20-baggers &  make a significant $ investment in them.
When the crowd get overly enthusiastic ( as at present ), sell the lot & await the next cycle. 
 By the way "Trade your way to Financial Freedom"  is written by Van K. Tharp & is well worth absorbing. Also, "Do you sincerely want to be rich?" a classic by Napoleon Hill, although not strictly a trading book. The answer to the question posed is not "Of course Want to be rich" . Emphasise the word "sincerely".

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