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[sharechat] Trading and life

From: "Woody" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 14:43:38 +1000

You cannot divorce a forum on trading and a forum on human nature they are intertwined. To feel comfortable with trading decisions from each other we have to intereact with each other. i.e. Discussions along seemingly unrelated threads.
We are humans not robots regurgatating data. It is impossible for us to chat with each other without our characters shining thru, be a little tolerant of each other and accept the fact that shares, share trading, options, futures, forex etc will be discussed along side human experiences that help formed the person as a whole. After all I now have a picture of Macdunks character, Robbie, Cris, David, Phil. I could not have this without deeper discussions than trading. We need to form a picture to whom we are talking.


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