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Re: [sharechat] re fishing lessons from 2003 by macdunk Reply

From: "Woody" <>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 19:32:08 +1000

To be a fool and give advice " to quote your own well worn cliche'.
 But who cares!
This forum is for the swapping of ideas, Learning and Teaching as well as the giving and taking of advice.
If fools be there so be it.
As for the precious metals and metals in general let me go overboard here and give a few FUNDAMENTALS for those that need them.
China is not overheating, its economy is growing at 20% per annum. The growing of a Middle Class is the fastest of any previous developing nation. The Chinese Government has just legalised the owning of private Gold. The favourite desire of the newly emerging Middle Class is the building of a western style house. These consume large amount of Copper and Nickle.
BHP Biliton has aquired large contracts to supply these metals.
We are using Silver at a rate of 5 times that of what is produced from mining. Silver could outstrip Gold as the Royal Metal.
Gold is no longer a Precious Metal it has become ( What is used to always be ) a currency.
All islamic countries are in the process of converting their currencies to the Gold Dinar. The emergence of very wealthy Islamic Banks that will deal in Gold is astounding.
The fact that the Euro is backed by Gold and the Us Dollar isn't is also interesting.
As a great man once said " Gold is not a Buy " Gold is a " Buy-Sell, Buy-Sell "  Thsi will not change in the coming year, however I believe that the support level has risen and believe that gold will trade between   US$380.00 and US$500.00.
" Doctor Doom " aka Marc Faber   a Hong Kong based freelance analysist has acuratly predicted the price of gold for the last 20 years. He last predicted Gold would reach  US$400.00 before 2004.
He believes that Gold will reach levals of US$3000.00 per once before 2010. Be that through the rising of Gold or the Falling of the US Dollar who knows.
As for me I buy Low and Sell High.
Woody ( The Court Jester )
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Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2003 6:28 AM
Subject: [sharechat] re fishing lessons from 2003 by macdunk

Hi snoopy
                You are dead right Its the ones you land that turn bad that we try to forget.     If In doubt throw It back, there are plenty of good fish out there           My rotten ones were Pacific retail, and while I am at It [may the fleas of a thousand camels Infest Eric watsons armpits], and briscoe.                I was silly enough to think the rising dollar would see those two come right.  
Lets hear a few forecasts for 2004 guys, compare Ideas on the coming year for a bit of fun
auckland airport I am ready to bail out probabely In march, Its been a great run.
Hirequip , bought at the bottom 30pc up will keep rising a good one to hold.
Power co bought at the bottom a good divi share with great prospects, I wont be selling this one for a very long time
ports wont be much this year we need the exports to take off which Is unlikely
Farm stocks will stay flat, or drop until our dollar drops
gold and silver, there will be an equal number of winners and losers not to Interested [ silly me perhaps].what you reckon woody?.
nominations are    FFS  RBD CER and the winner Is ???
nominations are   PWC  HQP  SKC I will stick my neck out and say that Is the right order.
There you have It guys give me heaps but remember the rules fight fair dont tell me what Is wrong without telling me what you would change It to and why.  
                        merry festive cheers macdunk.


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