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Re: Re: Re: [sharechat] Portfolio Theory

From: Matt & Vanessa <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 19:27:16 +1200

Yeah, fair call Allan - I wasn't clued up enough on the dividend.  Just call it "IPO envy"
FRE was not the risk it seemed, have still got them. If it all turned to
custard they have a healthy div and that is a safety net of sorts , I look
for a safety net in all investments made.
Being a lower priced share when it goes up 3 cents as it did today it really
boosts the value to take advantage of this you need a lot of shares.

>From: Matt & Vanessa <>
>Subject: Re: Re: [sharechat] Portfolio Theory
>Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 20:23:05 +1200
>Mate, you've got 29 large in Freightways?  It scares me to think about
>chunks that sizeable in just one investment.  However looks like they
>haven't let you down today.  Stag it while you've got a chance!!  There
>should be some nice loose change to redeploy.
>It surprises me that they've managed to get so much for the business -
>surely freight & courier margins can't be that great....?
>The basic concept I use is "buy any thing that looks like it will increase
>in value'' and sell it when it does.
>I buy in $29000.00 blocks to get the brokerage under $30.00, if the shares
>lose $1000.00 sell if they make more than $1000.00, it means the brokerage
>goes to $90.00, so I buy $20000.00 more split them wait and sell.
>At present I am takeing a risk, its called lack of diversifacation, and
>all my eggs in one basket FRE that will float at midday. I actually
>my application to be scaled back, but it wasn't.
>By mid afternoon I will be either happy or sad.
>I hope this helps, I have made 12.9% since mid june. I have made many
>mistakes if I were to look back but the whole game is about anticipation
>looking fowared.

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