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Re: [sharechat] reply to woody by macdunk

From: Robin Benson <>
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 14:29:01 +0100

Actually I agree with you WRT Woody -- I'm genuinely interested in the 
mechanics of how Woody trades and the relationship between them and his 
wider perspective but, ultimately, it seems we have different 
perspectives regarding the universe. However, this may not be as 
negative as you perceive it to be. Sometimes people are talking about 
similar things but using different words.


On Sunday, September 28, 2003, at 01:53 AM, Duncan MacGregor wrote:

> Don't get to Intense woody, we need you on this forum.     The more 
> view points we get the better.    There are very few posters that will 
> predict there thoughts on what will happen, and the ones that do get 
> rubbished for there effort.    I have predicted a few over the last 12 
> months If you look It up and been called macdork, 
> macdrunk,macduck.         All my predictions have been dead right 
> which makes me feel rather pleased that I was big enough to make them.
> There Is much more In this world than what most of us can 
> comprehend.    I once lived In a haunted house that changed my view 
> points on lots of things.     We have a lot In common you and I we 
> both left school early, I served an apprenticeship and joined the army 
> and was posted to east Africa Where as you worked on a ship.  we have 
> both been successful In business.
> We now find we have different view points on buying and selling 
> shares.        My answer to that Is who cares who Is more right than 
> the other we both are content with our methods for the moment.    The 
> best part Is that we can look over the other persons shoulder, and 
> perhaps modify our systems even ever so slightly, or be stupid like 
> some people and have this I am right you are wrong closed mind 
> attitude.      Lets pull a couple of other names from the forum that 
> post on a regular basis.
> SNOOPY from Christchurch, ROBIN BENSON from the with your 
> background and me with mine It would be very unlikely that we would 
> all agree on lots of subjects.    Positive beats negative so keep 
> positive then I find negative people pathetic and amusing.        
>        cheers macdunk
> ps worked In cairns In 1967 [great mud crabs] 

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