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[sharechat] FA/TA

From: "trader 100" <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 22:08:41 +0000


Thanks for your reply.  I should have been clearer with my comment “my 
bigger losers tend to be companies with poorer fundamentals.”  I too always 
use a stop loss (based on support levels but usually approx 5-6% below my 
entry prices).  This seems to be quite effective but there have been three 
occasions where stocks have gapped well below my stop (10-12% below my entry 
price) in one day.  All three of these stocks had poor fundamentals.

Working with approx 50 selected stocks suggests that you use different TA 
systems depending on the stock (I think you have confirmed this on sharechat 
before).  While this appears to be the best way to use TA I don’t think that 
I have the inclination or the discipline to do this.  Rather I use one 
system that seems to work on average and apply this system to every stock.  
Following my approach means that I need a far bigger universe of stocks.

Any comments?


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