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RE: [sharechat] TA/FA

From: "Gavin Treadgold" <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 20:00:07 +1200

Sorry Woody, I'd just like you to make something clear to me. Are you saying
that TA: -

1. Predicted the Sept 11 (not 9 as you suggest) attacks?
2. Predicted the earthquake in Japan?

I absolutely fail to see how trends can predict that terrorists will attack
AND determine that a significant earthquake is going to occur. I'm sure the
Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences here in NZ would be interested
in those techniques. With hindsight you may be able to draw a link, but I
can't see any connections between trading markets/currencies and the earths
tectonic plates.

Cheers Gav

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[]On Behalf Of fntradingsolutions
Sent: Friday, 26 September 2003 19:08
Subject: [sharechat] TA/FA

Look I know you guys have your reasons and often justify mixing the two, but
they are two conflicting views on how to trade
Mixing them will often give two opposing signals.

I traded Soybeans. On Sept 7 2001 I recieved a Sell signal from my charts
( Major Sell )  On the Sept 9th all hell broke loose in New York ( Twin
Towers attack )  The market tumbled Great. Point is I recieved the signal 2
days before.

A double top appeared last week on the USD/JPY 1 day before the Big G7
meeting that sent the Dollar tumbling down on Monday.

Last night I recieved Buy signals for the USD/JPY, this morning Japan had a
serious earthquake, this will send the Yen down and the Dollar Up.

TA works great for me with not a fundamental in sight.


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