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Re: [sharechat] PGG moving again!

From: "" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 20:08:23 +1200


> This is good! Why??,

In case you didn't notice WRI is moving up too.   I suspect it is partly 
due to the incredible dividend yield being offered by these shares at a 
time that interest rates are still on the way down.

> inside message must be a good result coming up?!!

No,  the market has been aware of the likely (good) results from PGG 
and WRI for months.    Perhaps it is the realisation that any 'downturn' 
that might be happening in the rural sector is not going to be that 
severe and that these companies are going to continue to do well.

Ironically the continued drought in Australia will have the effect of 
making good farm product scarcer, thus raising the price.    As long as 
our New Zealand farmers can keep their own production up, they can 
piggy back on the higher world prices for commodities.   The 
continuing drought in Australia is wonderful news for NZ farmers.

> Any thoughts, I'm guessing 10 cent div to be announced in the next
> fortnight, ( completely speculative on my part )

8c dividend (fully imputed) coming up for WRI (not speculation).

> Other guesses welcome , winner gets 20kg of Blood and bone.

Just stick it in the mail to me.   Make sure you stick a 'this is not 
Anthrax' note on it to reassure the posties.


discl: hold WRI
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