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[sharechat] Charts

From: Phaedrus <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 22:18:41 -0700 (PDT)

 Thanks for the support Jim, Allan, Nick, Chris and Mick. I appreciate it. Who 
was it that said "No good turn goes unpunished"?!

    TLS certainly is a magnificently simple chart. An uptrend, a trading range 
and a downtrend. That's all, in six and a half years.

     The attached TLS chart is of ASX prices - no trendline break according to 
me - are you using a log price scale?

        I do not hold TLS. I bought it in 1997 and sold almost exactly four 
years ago, because of the trendline break. I have not held it since, because of 
the unbroken downward trendline. No matter how low TLS goes, I will most 
definitely not buy so long as it is beneath the current trendline. I may or may 
not buy TLS when it breaks above this longstanding trendline - I will post a 
chart on ShareChat when it happens. The decision as to whether to act on this 
signal or not should ideally be based on fundamental analysis. I have no 
intention of telling you (or anyone else) what course of action I personally 
take. It is none of your business. 


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