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Re: [sharechat] TAD BY MACDUNK

From: "Maria Smith" <>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 10:01:06 +1200

Having tasted what appears to have been a relatively easy victory they will not stop until they have in their minds eliminated all terrorist threats, even where none exists.  With troops in both Afghinistan and Iraq and  Iran in between and already mentioned as part of the axis of evil it does not take a genious to see what happens next.  I believe it will continue until the US voters start having second thoughts. To me this means the American market will be burdened with debt for years to come and I will therefore keep my investments close to home.
Greg Smith
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From: Duncan MacGregor <>
To: sharechat <>
Date: Friday, April 18, 2003 8:33 PM
Subject: [sharechat] TAD BY MACDUNK

Total American debt vs national income.  The bear will have to find a new den methinks BILL.     BUSH wont stop until they go under.   I expect KOREA to be high on the hit list.   Power mad people never stop look at the record.   Even our motley bunch of politicians wont step down with a bit of grace when the time comes they lie and cheat to the end.   I would never consider investing in the American market.   I do think BUSH will send them broke.  Weapons of mass destruction reminds me of reds under the bed. I might be proved wrong with any luck, but at the moment I am playing the investment game long term, and close to home.   I know lots of you will disagree but that's how I see it.
                         CHEERS  MACDUNK
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