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[sharechat] War against Iraq

From: "michael gore" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 18:29:01 +1300

It seems increasingly likely to me that at some time or other the U.S. is
going to invade Iraq.
Isn't it reasonable to assume that when this happens there will be a sharp
drop in the value of sharemarkets globally - probably not a sharp drop like
September 11 given that it won't be a surprise but some kind of significant
correction I would think.
Doesn't it make sense, then, right at this time, to be cashed up on the
sidelines waiting for this to happen?
Why buy shares now and watch the market spike downwards when an invasion
happens?  I've been wondering this for some time but I notice no one else
pointing this out.
I have no real education when it comes to investing, so I'm wondering if I'm
missing something here?

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