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[sharechat] 10 year returns

From: "winner69 ." <>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 07:31:20 +0000

Published PE ratios are notorious for their variability - use with care.

However I hope the PEs used by Snoopy aren't right - else the NZ market is 
way overheated and due for a collapse of major proportions.

For Bill's exercise and using Datex numbers four stocks pick themselves on 
both the lowest PEs and highest dividend yields - FBU (PE 9.4 and Div 7.2%) 
FPH (13.5 and 7.3%) SKC (18.0 and 6.8%) and TEL (12.8 and 6.6%). All these 
four are in both the 5 lowest PEs and 5 highest dividend yield.

The 5th selection either CAH (17.1 and 4.1%) being the other low PE 
contender or CEN (25.0 and 7.6%) being the other dividend yield contender.

As the theory seems more value (or dog) biased have to go for CAH

Bills portfolio would then have to be FBU FPH SKC TEL and CAH

WHS AIA and INL and SKY (the other stocks in the NZ10 not mentioned) all 
have PE's >20 (SKY doesn't in theory have one) and dividend yields less than 
5% (SKY doesn't pay a dividend either)

Snoopy - NGC seems to have fallen off the NZ10 sometime. FBU is now on

Snoopy - yes FPH is an interesting stock. May have slipped under your belt 
and worth your while having a look at from a FIG perspective. Would be 
interested in your views sometime.

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