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[sharechat] RBC (Rubicon)

From: "Richard Hooper" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 00:36:51 +1300 (New Zealand Daylight Time)

Hi Chatters
I know this may seem illogical but a just sold my RBC shares @ 70c for a gain of 39% . ( took my money and ran like a scared rabbit).
 I would be interested in your TA of RBC now that I have no interest  ( !!)  left in RBC this moment. We all know that FA it has a value of at least 98c, but what does TA tell us???
I have a hidden agenda however..................if GPG bid fails and  there is a price drop..say to 65c  I am back in, its a gamble selling but I am already 39% up If I am wrong.
haedrus ( sorry to nag you again!!!!)
 I saw the NZSE40 chart you posted...... My query is .......
if the index does not rise above the 2000 by the year period 2003-2004 does that mean there will be a break out either up or down due to some sort of descending triangle thingy theory???...
..FA  seems to make a sudden downturn highly unlikely.......... but if all the world's money is channeled into the Dow, it wouldn't surprise me if the NZSE40 becomes even more undervalued.
your thoughts and expertise would be appreciated 
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