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RE: [sharechat] Megashare Predictions

From: Chris Watson <>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 11:21:10 +1300

Call it the Kiwi Knocking machine is one view - I prefer to call it opening yourself up to valid scrutiny and Critical Analysis. 
I looked thru a couple of Megashare predictions on some stocks I was either holding or thinking of buying.  Here's what I observed.
Megashare Prediction: AFF will gain 17.39% in 3 days Buy @ $.152 Sell @ $.17
Reality: AFF loses 5%
Megashare Prediction:  AIA will lose 8.66% in 5 days Buy @ $5.1 Sell @ $4.65
Reality: AIA gains 8%

Megashare Prediction: CAV will lose .87% in 2 days Buy @ $6.4 Sell @ $6.34

Reality: CAV gains 15%

Megashare Prediction: NPX will lose 6.75% in 13 days Buy @ $3.29 Sell @ $3.06

Reality: NPX gains 4%

Megashare Prediction: SKY will lose 9.40% in 3 days Buy @ $3.38 Sell @ $3.06

Reality: SKY gains 6%

Note:  I have been careful not to be unduly selective in my observations.  Check for yourself and you will see many other bad calls.  The above were of particular interest to me given they were either part of my portfolio or on my own target list.   Based on this Megashare advice, and my willingness to give them the benfit of the doubt, I very nearly bought AFF (thankfully not!), took AIA off my target list, withdrew a 3.31 bid I had on SKY (now regretfully), and mistakenly sold my NPX at 3.29.  Not a good experience.  I was prepared to take some of their advice on board - it's obvious to me now (burnt once - twice shy) that their systems are at best misleading and at worst a scam.  AVOID.

[Chris Watson]  
From: Duncan MacGregor []
Sent: Thursday, 14 November 2002 7:17
To: sharechat
Subject: [sharechat] Megashare Predictions

John, please don't get bitter.  
You are trying to do a very difficult thing and you're opening yourself up to the Kiwi Knocking Machine.   If you are successful they will hate you, if you fall over, they will say I told you so.   I always think if you kick the old Chook House the Galahs fly off the roof squawking first.   You kicked the Chook House John.
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