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[sharechat] NZSE40 Cap

Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 21:41:07 +1300


Your post of 27 July about the long term trend of the NZSE40 Cap 
and chart. Would I be correct in assuming that if the price line 
passes the 2030 mark this would signal a trend change?

Also your post of 18 aug about GMF. Around 16 July there was 
very high volume, would this have any bearing. Oh! I am referring to 
the OZ chart. On these dual listed stocks is the volume added up 
or does it apply just to either the OZ or NZ volume?

As yet I don't have NZ Stocks on the charting program. Still looking 
for a suitable format. (yyyymmdd)

I am still studying charts, and any you post I give it very careful 
attention. It's amazing really the good advice available from long 
term investors. I have drummed into my subconcious "If a stock is 
downtrending don't buy or hold"

Logically when buying a stock one should have the selling price 
sorted out before buying, in case of it reversing on you. Do you 
have an opinion?



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