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[sharechat] NRT-NOVOGEN

From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 08:49:26 +1300

This is an Australian stock.
We are still in an accumulation phase: $1.97.

There won't be news for a while but that could suddenly change. NRT is gearing up for the Phenoxodial trials, one has already started in Australia.

Sofar it has been found that in 2 cases, breast cancer and prostate, oral administration will arrive at the source of the problem. However, NRT has now NV563, a multi-compound drug (di-mer). This is much stronger than its predecessor: NV050.

Oral administration doesn't work in the treatment of Leukemias and here intravenous injection will do.
Trials have/are about to start.
These are Phase II trials. Each trial has 2 different subtrials: Phenoxodiol alone, and a combination of Phenoxodial and another drug.

I am interested in the latter as well as drug NV5063.

Generaly spoken, these Phase II trials will finish on 30 June, next year. However, we could have reports on the Phenoxodial stand-alone trials perhaps in Jan/Febr.


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