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[sharechat] SLL or bust ?

Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 08:05:51 +1300

Have enjoyed reading the forums for a while now and have just got up  
enough courage to participate. Have no real business sense as my  
portfolio will testify so take it easy on me pse !
Now, SLL - I was heartened to note the recent news of SKCs formalised  
involvement in the management services of this company.  
SKC involvement was one of the plusses I saw in then FOR after noting  
some rather poor business ventures (Argentina).

However , shareholder Paul Glass makes some interesting points, even if  
looking in a negative light - see sharechat homepage.
I still feel however that formalising the management services SKC has  
been providing SLL in recent years and the financial win win outcome  
have to be a good thing and remain hopeful the influence of SKC will see  
some growth in the SLL share price which has languished over the last  
couple of months.

But tell me this - if in 1999 FOR showed a profit of 7 mill and managed  
a dividend of 4c on a share ranging between 50 and 60c - does that mean  
that if SLL can return a profit of 7mill, shareholders can expect a $1  
dividend and a share price of $15 ???
(Based very loosely on the 25 for 1 consolidation recently) ever the  
optimist huh ?,  
there has to be more to it than this - so could someone please explain.

I think I know where the term sharebroker came from - cos I am getting  
broker by the minute - and if that is an old joke, it just goes to show  
how naive I am in this dept.

Help me out here hey ?

Barrel scraper.

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