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[sharechat] from Jim Jubak (CNBC commentary)

From: "DR" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 21:32:13 +1300

One of "10 Stupid Investment Tricks" for the current market
"Load up on real estate as an alternative to stocks. I donít have any argument with advice that points out the value of real estate as part of an investment portfolio. A dose of real estate can help lower the risk and volatility of a portfolio. But many investors are already overweighted to real estate, thanks to their investment in a primary residence. Homeownership has been a super hedge on stocks during this bear market. So, before you put more money into real estate, at least take a look at the way your assets are currently allocated. Chances are youíve got plenty of real estate exposure -- especially now that the value of stocks has plunged."
Some of the remainder also have general application

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