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Re: [sharechat] Company Results

From: "" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 22:33:37 +0000

Hi Hoop,
Interesting perspective of the current situation.  But please don't 
tell the brokers to be more bullish.  I want more time to scoop up 
some more bargains myself!  That can't happen if everyone jumps in 

You say the market has only gone up 0.5% recently while the overseas 
exchanges have done much better?   That's because our market leaders 
like CAH and TEL haven't leapt in price and nor do they deserve to.  
With the big two moribund because of historically meagre profits, 
that means there are other smaller companies that have made bigger 
increases in share prices because of their better prospects.  I 
suggest you focus on those if you want 'growth'.

> Share analysts said that they are waiting to see how this latest
> round of company results are going to pan out , as to where the NZ
> share is heading in the near future. .........HO...Hum........NZ

C'mon Hoop, you aren't that naieve.   Any analyst worth anything will 
have a very good idea as to what the current season of results will 
bring. The analysts are looking out to next year and beyond where 
there is genuine uncertainty.

> Low sharepricing stategy is bad for New Zealand as it creates
> Takeovers Activity which results in NZ losing its best performing
> companies to overseas interests.

It's good for the brokers though. Takeover activity is far more 
profitable than nibbling by small clients!

> My weekend project is to look at the results already announced and
> see if I should buy in these companies that look vulnerable to
> possible takeovers

It is always on the cards that Edison will have another go at CEN.  
But Edison has a new CEO now, and, given what has happened over the 
past year, the banks my be wary of committing loan money to the far 
off isle of Noo Zealand.


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but that still only makes me wrong once."

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