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[sharechat] Company Results

From: "Richard Hooper" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 20:11:50 +1200

Hi  All
Interesting fact has emerged:-
Share analysts said that they are waiting to see how this latest round of company results are going to pan out , as to where the NZ share is heading in the near future.
.........HO...Hum........NZ Market gone up  0.5% since the reporting season has started........Wall St  up nearly triple that....... Oz hitting 5 months highs.....
  With these pieces of information it must mean that NZ companies have reported losses.
I think its time for all NZ share investors to go and see a psycho-analysts not sharemarket analysts
The common sharepricing strategy being used at the moment by institutions and fellow investors  ....sit on the sidelines...negative comments ...don't force a demand pricing....creating all round lack of interest ....will eventually backfire.
Low sharepricing stategy is bad for New Zealand as it creates Takeovers Activity which results in NZ losing its best performing companies to overseas interests.
Note all attempted takeovers raised the related company's shareprices significantly to its real value.
I think with the present round of results and no great correction upwards of sharepricing, the P/E  will be lowered to a point where Takeover Activity will accelerate.
My weekend project is to look at the results already announced and see if I should buy in these companies that look vulnerable to possible takeovers


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