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RE: [sharechat] Charts in Hard Times.

From: "Craig Hoskin" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 07:43:22 +1200

Title: RE: [sharechat] Charts in Hard Times.

Hi Phaedrus

Agree 100% about the lack of short selling.  I think most see "short sellers" as the demons on the markey sending prices lower ... when in effect it is exactly the opposite ... for to short sell you actuall have to sell "at market" ... which means to the best buyer ...

Anyway ... that aside ... who do you use for short selling in the AUS and US Markets ... if you dont mind me asking?  Just given that we are in NZ ... I find it interesting to see who people use for online trading as well as broker based short selling ... as wwll as what they offer.



|         Charts do not suddenly stop working at times like
|this. The market still consists of stocks that are going up,
|and stocks that are going down. There are more falling than
|rising just now, that's all. At times like this, simply
|tighten your stops. Carry on executing the buy and sell
|signals generated by your system. You will find you are
|getting more sell signals and fewer buy signals as a matter of
|course, given the general market weakness.
| An effective selling strategy should pull you out of trades
|before a market reversal inflicts damage of any great
|magnitude. While this alone helps to protect your capital, the
|main advantage is that you then have cash and are in a
|position to take advantage of the situation, by buying good
|stocks at bargain prices, when the opportunity presents itself.
| As well as holding stocks, or being cashed up, there is of
|course a third alternative. One that is never really mentioned
|much on ShareChat - Selling Short. I am sure that many people
|do not realise just how easy and cheap it is to do this on the
|US market. I vary the proportion of short trades according to
|the state of the market. If it is rising, I am 100% long. If
|it is going sideways, I am 50% in long trades, and 50% in
|short trades. If it is falling, I move to 100% short trades,
|and have been in this mode for some time now. In times of
|political and economic uncertainty, this approach gives great
|peace-of-mind, since a large fall in the US market would bring
|large profits.
|          Phaedrus.
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