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[sharechat] ITC

From: "Sharp Javelin" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 13:37:02 +1100

I have done some more digging after my post last week about ITC making a new 

The Corporate Relations person at ITC is impossible to get hold of doesn't 
return messages, so I didn't find out anything from them.

However, other sources tell me that Exonet (remember, the software company 
that ITC sold to Solution 6 for $37m back in August 2000) has announced to 
it's staff & dealers that it is subject to a management buy-out funded by 
ITC...  So, it appears that ITC's new leadership are going back to their 

I have yet to see anything about this in any publications, which surprises 
me a little, so it could be interesting to see if this transaction creats 
any interest, or whether it slips through without a murmur....    Watch this 

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