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[sharechat] Online Charting

From: Phaedrus <>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 13:49:58 -0800 (PST)

 A very good web based free charting facility can be found at 
 Bar or line graphs are selectable, as well as Japanese Candlesticks. Data for 
over 10 years is available. Periodicity can be daily, weekly, or monthly, even 
Intraday for US stocks. You are able to draw trendlines and support/resistance 
levels on screen. Charts are printable. Price scales can be linear or 
logarithmic. Chart data for countries other than NZ are updated intraday.
 Many countries are supported. Enter the code of the stock you wish to chart as 
follows :- Enter USA stocks as IBM   New Zealand stocks as NZ:TEL   Australian 
stocks as AU:TLS   UK stocks as UK:ABC etc. There is an online Users Manual. 
This site provides an excellent introduction to many of the tools of Technical 
Analysis, without any financial outlay. 

Indicators available for the Interactive charts include :-

Bollinger Bands
Comparative Relative Strength
Directional Movement
Money Flow
Moving Averages (Simple and Exponential)
Moving Average Crossover (2 or 3 lines)
Moving Average Envelope
On Balance Volume
Parabolic Stop and Reverse
Price Rate Of Change
Relative Strength Index
Stochastics (Fast and Slow)
Ultimate Oscillator
Volume Accumulation
Williams %R

If you select Volume+ the volume bars will be colour coded depending on whether 
the Close was up or down from the previous day.

If you want to draw trendlines or support/resistance lines, you will need to 
use the Java chart version. This also offers the choice of Linear or Log Price 

Click on "Chart Help" to access the online users manual.

These notes were written by Phaedrus for incorporation into the Sharechat 
Education "Learning to Invest" series, under "Technical Analysis", Part 6, 
Online Charting. Revised 5/3/02.


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