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[sharechat] PTD Getting a hammering

From: "nick" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 17:42:52 +1300

     Remember this one? its being caned today down 10% so far. Over on OZstock they all got themselves so worked up over the forthcoming patent that the price bolted way ahead of itself, now the announcement hascome the stock has run out of steam.They were having a competition to guess how high the price would go after the announcement, around 10 dollars seemed popular. What happened was the price has actually fallen around 15% to 4.40.
    Reminded me of the competition we had here once, guessing how high ITC would go. Around a dollar was popular at the time, now look at it. Just shows how the collective mania of the herd can lead to a form of mass delusion,  its quite amusing over in the chat room there at the moment, they are still in the denial stage, all talking of grabbing a bargain while those who bought at the top are busy averaging down.

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