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[sharechat] AGX - AGENIX

Date: 24 Feb 2002 15:17:01 -0800

It was recommended on Febr.5 when it was 38 cents. It then rose to 54 cents and 
fell to 46 cents, still a handsome gain on the original price.

AGX is discussed by me on an Australian site and post 504 will give you 
important details.
Their research is fully funded by income.

The interim report was satisfactory and AGX will proceed with a Nasdaq listing 
about mid-year. This will be over the ADR (American Depository Receipts) 
At this stage the restrictions are mild but one could call it a second Board.

AGX will most likely "work this stock" to increase values as it wants to list a 
year later on the Main Board of the Nasdaq.

At this point the scientific and public interest is much higher. AGX will need 
to issue more shares to  Nasdaq but as mentioned before, this could be higher 
priced stock and will supply further cash to AGX for their "Tromboview" 

If everything turns out well, then the marketing of "Tromboview" will be after 

Being a "desensitized" investor, that feature, because of its long lead time, 
is not that attractive just now but the listings at the Nasdaq could be.

Please take care when investing as events may not necessarily turn out as one 
would hope! AGX has a somewhat high number of shares in relation to profits, a 
feature of some biomed companies which have evolved over time.

Those are my opinions.

Readers are not asked to buy, hold or sell AGX. To do so will be entirely at 
their own risk. I have commitments and am not able to further discuss this 
stock just now.   


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