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Re: [sharechat] Lion selection group

From: "nick" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 20:35:37 +1300

               First point, today it was seen that the fourth largest share 
holder is
INCREASING his holding.
      Second point , the selling now is due to the short term traders getting 
after a quick gain.  You have no evidence that any long term big investors
are leaving
     Third point to overlook fundamentals seems rather silly especially 
that in two weeks time there is a dividend record date soon to be followed by a 
  We know you would of made a fortune (as always)
 When i posted regarding the company it was from a medium/long term perspective
not that of a short term trader.
   The fact that i am buying from a trader is neither here nor there, they will 
be in and out 10 times , by the time i sell the shares if in fact i buy any.
  So my parade isnt rained on as you put it, how can it be when you have 
provided not
one piece of information regarding the company?


> I don't want to rain on your parade, but thought it would be good to present 
>a rather different opinion re LSG, by way
of balance, perhaps.
> I know nothing of the fundamentals of this stock, but would not, however, 
>consider buying it for the following reasons
> (1) It has recently broken through its trendline, giving a Sell signal.
> (2) There is strong resistance at 85 cents.
> (3) There is a large Buy/Sell imbalance (143,434 bid, 586,730 offered) This 
>means that over four times as many shares
are for sale as are sought.
> (4) Buyers are weak - the top Buyer at 81 only wants 1134 shares.
> (5) There is very heavy selling pressure at 85 (327,649) This will reinforce 
>the resistance already existing at that
point, and will make this level even harder to penetrate.
> 6) This stock is very lightly traded - only 15 trades all day, average trade 
>about 5,500. It is all but impossible to
make a serious investment in a stock like this without pushing the price right 
up. It is equally hard to exit without
depressing the price substantially. Slippage is therefore very high.
> (7) Larger holders of this stock are getting out, and small holders are 
>getting in. This typically happens toward the
end of a trend as professionals sell to amateurs. (Average buyer 7000, average 
seller 17,000.)
> (8) If I was interested in this stock, I would have bought and sold at the 
>trendline breaks, making well over 30% in 10
weeks. Many traders will have done just that - you will be buying from them. 
The big difference is that you will be
running a lot more risk than they did, with less chance of reward, to my mind.
>              Phaedrus. (Back from holiday, tanned and fit!)
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