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Re: [sharechat] Lion selection group

From: "nick" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 17:26:16 +1300

         The shareprice never really took off after the float, i think its because like most companies investing in new ventures there is a big delay before the fruits of their investments are realised.  The company have done nothing wrong though and their investments have been maturing as planned, all the waiting may be about to start bringing reward. Like i said they have just announced a maiden dividend and some of their investments are now maturing to the point where they can be floated off as companies in their own right. Lion will retain significant shareholdings in these comapnies after they float.  One added benefit is that lion shareholders will have preferential treatment when it comes to getting shares in the floats. For example in the forthcoming havilah float 7.5m shares have been put aside for lion shareholders

I bought into this company when it floated some time ago at A$1.00 thru JB Were.  I liked the sound of their diversification. Sold out at A$0.65, so obviously I should have held on.  Can't fill you in much but I can tell you they appeared to have pretty good IR.  They were very up with the play re emailing shareholders about their current plans and visiting NZ to update shareholders once a year.  Sorry I can't enlighten you further. Given the resource sector is back in play in Aussie at the moment, this co would appear to be worth a second glance.
Cheers, Phil
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From: nick
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2002 4:45 PM
Subject: [sharechat] Lion selection group

       I posted a message here at the weekend about this company but recieved no response. Does anybody have any knowledge of this outfit? To me they look very attractive.
      1. Maiden dividend due of 3c a share (feb 8 record date)
      2. Number of likely floats of their investments, first is Havilah
      3. Major shareholder is buying shares (see todays news)
      4. J.B.Were have rated them a buy, incidentlty the managing director of
          the group used to be a senior analyst with Weres. On their buy note they
          cite that there is likely to be plenty of good news flowing from the company
         in the next few months
      5.  NTA is over a dollar but shareprice only .82c  up 2 today so far
      6. They provide a low risk entry into the gold sector, which many analysts are picking
          to perform well this year.
      7. They are classified as a pooled development fund which gives good tax advantages,
          this means no capital gains tax on transactions
                 Find out more at


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